About Taktifol

Made from a revolutionary statically-charged material, Taktifol sheets adhere easily to common surfaces like glass, metal, wood, or plastic, and can be positioned and repositioned several times without leaving a trace behind. No more cumbersome boards or messy papers to carry. Whether in the office, the locker room, or out in the field, Taktifol sheets will be ready to use when you need them.

Taktifol is great for sport training, education, fire service companies, military, and many more.

Each role Taktifol includes 25 sheets sized 60x80 cm, perforated for easy detachment.

Not sure if it'll work for you??? Request a free sample so you can try it first!

TAKTIFOL sample set / for free Taktifol starter kit rugby Taktifol starter kit basketball Taktifol starter kit education
Taktifol college set "mini" Taktifol starter kit icehockey Taktifol starter kit situation display