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About Taktifol

Taktifol presents entirely new options for missions, education and practice sessions.

No matter whether used as a tactics board for coaches, a situation map for commanders of rescue and police operations, a tool for displaying troop deployment, or simply as a mobile aid for teachers and lecturers, Taktifol means:

  • no need to lug around boards/flip charts
  • no need to bring adhesive tape
  • no clumsy affixing of paper sheets
  • simple dry-wiping.

Affix Taktifol to a door, a mirror or a wall, and off you go...

Each role of Taktifol consists of 25 sheets sized 60x80 cm, easily detachable thanks to perforation. The sheets are charged electrostatically so as to adhere to all surfaces. They can be removed and placed somewhere else multiple times and without leaving any traces.

Taktifol special print

Looking to have film custom-printed with your company/club logo or some personal (advertising) message?

Send us the image or logo/sketch you wish to have printed, and we will be pleased to submit a quotation.

We offer customized solutions from single units to mass production.

Taktifol standard products

Take the convenient way of ordering any Taktifol product in our online shop.

We observe environmental standards. To purchase Taktifol products is to actively contribute to protecting the environment!

Send us your message if you have any questions or comments. Work with me!

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